About Us

MedCare Direct, LLC., is a US enterprise with headquarter located in New Jersey, specializing in the distribution and manufacture of medical products and equipment for customers worldwide.

MedCare Direct, LLC believe that everyone should have access to personal protection at an affordable prices. We strive to make high-quality products to all walks of life. Our team is ready to help with product's questions or during order placement process. Every products we offer must pass rigorous testing and quality control to meet all product's standard. 

In addition, the best part is MedCare Direct, LLC has established its owns factory in Vietnam under the brand name MedCare Direct specialized in manufacturing of medical gloves, medical masks, packaging and export. There'll be no middle man between us. Therefore, you'd have a greater saving when working directly with us.  

MedCare Direct factory in Vietnam is manufacturing and distributing the following products: (Available on website)

  • Powdered and powder free Medical Glove Nitrile (blue) 
  • Antibacterial medical mask (3 and 4 layers, blue)
  • Antibacterial medical mask for kids (3 and 4 layers, blue, white or printed)
  • Antibacterial Face Mask (4 layers, blue)

Additionally, Contact us today for the following products:

  • Eliciae MV20 ventilator - Japan
  • Protective gears
  • Surgical gown


Our mission is to provide customers with peace of mind when using MedCare Direct products by providing hospitals, medical facilities and consumers with high quality medical products which are strict compliance with US standards .


MedCare Direct‘s medical products and anti -epidemic products meet all standards for import and export to the US, Europe and countries around the world.


We wish you and your loved one to be happy, healthy and safe. Wash your hand and Maintain social distancing.


MedCare Direct, LLC.