How To Choose A Right Mask (Part 1)

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that infected people can spread the virus before they start to show any symptoms.
Because of this, the Center for Diasease Control and Prevention  an increasing number of state health departments have recommended that most people wear face coverings or non-medical masks while out in public. (Certain groups, such as children younger than 2, are excluded from the advice.)
There are 3 key point to remember when picking a mask:
    1. Layer Up: Multiple layers of fabric are better than only one. More layers means less chance that viral particles will be able to pass through. 
    2. Bacterial Filtration (BFE) – Test ASTM F2101.This measures the percentage of bacteria larger than 3 microns filtered out by the mask. The challenge material used is Staphylococcus aureus.ATM
    3. Ensure a good fit: A mask should fully cover your nose and mouth, extending an inch or more past the ends of your mouth and wrapping under to grab onto the bottom of your chin as an anchor. According to the CDC, it should fit snugly but comfortably against the sides of your face and should not interfere with breathing. 
    In conclusion, please fully prepare during this hardship in order to protect yourself and your community. This may be a good consideration, click here.

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