Pick The Right Partner in The Long Run!

No matter how great your product, you need to get it in front of consumers to make a profit. Distributors are a feasible and cost-effective method of getting your product to the widest possible audience. 

Finding the right wholesale distributor can help boost your product business in a big way! Distributors can get your products on the shelves of retailers as well as provide you with many other exciting opportunities and leads.

Following tips are strategic for your business to find a reliable distributor:

  • Call for bids: develop a list of potential distributor in your industry and reach out to them for further information. Send an introductory email, keeping it simple, short, and to the point. Don’t try to sound too big, be honest about your business and what you are looking for. Whether or not you choose to send an email don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make a call. And if you do send an email it is always smart to call a few days after to check on the status of your email (think of this as a job interview)
  • Evaluate the bids submission: Compare each submission you receive against a checklist of criteria for suppliers and question any items that appear to be lacking in clarity. The American Society for Quality  suggests taking steps to ensure the validity of the submission. Review the scope of the services outlined in the proposal and consider whether they match your requirements. Decide on each criteria's importance and score all submissions against this for an objective method of evaluation. Identify what the agreement or contract period with each potential supplier comprises to ensure you aren't drawn into a situation that could be damaging to your business.
  • Lowest Price Does Not Mean Highest Value: Often times many people choose a wholesaler because they offer the lowest price, which is the best deal, right? Not always. Just because you are getting the best price value does not mean you’re getting the best quality value. Before taking the lowest bidder’s offer do your research about all the services they provide. Be sure that the distributor has quality products and quality service, otherwise you will be highly disappointed when selling your product.
  • Decision Time: Now that you’ve finished your research and discovered a wholesale distributor that is best for you be ready to negotiate. You will want to negotiate your pricing terms, delivery schedules, minimum order quantity, and a few other items. If you feel the need you may want to have a lawyer review your agreement details in the contract before you sign away.

We hope we can give your some information on how to pick a right partner in a long run. If you wish to find a strategic partner in medical distribution, don't hesitate to contact us or learn more about us.

MedCare Direct, LLC.

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